New: Rotosound stands and picks

Rotosound has just launched a collection of essential music accessories, including guitar picks and instrument stands. These gig-ready designs offer a familiar feel at a competitive price.

Sturdy and tough, the new range of stands includes two styles for guitar: the A-Frame RGS-100; and the RGS-300 with built-in neck support. These join Rotosound's popular RGS-200 lightweight folding stand. Two varieties of sheet music stands are offered: the compact RSMS-100; and the professional quality RSMS-200 stand; plus stands for microphones (RMS-100) and keyboards (RKS-100).

Rotosound first released a range of plectra in the 1960s, when the company pioneered many new music string designs. This tradition continues with three new series based on guitarists’ favourite designs: Tortrix picks feature a matte feel with a snappy tone; Delrin picks are smooth with a fast release; and Ultra picks offer unrivalled attack and flexibility.